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Welcome to our website. Since 2011, United Glasgow FC has welcomed players from over 50 countries and currently makes football accessible and affordable to almost 200 players across our four teams and other sessions. We have players of all genders, sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, socio-economic positions and immigration statuses - and we're all United.

You can find more about our club and our values here. Get involved!

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Whether you're fit or not, male or female, Scottish or not, Messi or messy... You're welcome at United Glasgow Football Club. We are always happy to welcome new players and you can contact us through this website, Facebook or Twitter.

Our women's team and our men's development team welcome new players to every session so get in touch and come join in!

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for asylum seekers to get involved in football or to play other sports. Before you can join any kind of club you need to get insurance, and that’s just not possible for us.

But playing here has given me the chance to meet new people. There were some people from my country, but they’re gone now. I’ve met people from a lot of other countries and it’s been good finding out about their cultures.
— Ahmed
It was hard to adjust but I love Glasgow. A football team like this is great, we are all close friends and are all from different backgrounds.
— Nick
United Glasgow FC has always been about tackling discrimination in football (whether that be racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or anything else) - usually under the mantra of “think they’re different? You’re both wearing football boots. You’re both footballers.”
— Alan