Volunteer Roles - Education and Campaigning

This sub-committee is responsible for delivering UGFC’s educational and campaigning goals. UGFC’s educational and campaigning goals are based on three core values are: anti-racism/immigration, sexism/women's rights, LGBT+ issues/homophobia and trans-phobia. 

A lot of the work within this group is events based. Internal events can include – personal development workshop opportunities, or delivering educational training days to UGFC members. External events can be attendance at marches and other events that fit into our core values (Glasgow Pride, St. Andrews Day March etc.). 

This committee doesn’t have many set roles because it is dependent on people being pro-active in proposing and executing projects. There are a variety of smaller jobs that can be taken on by one or more volunteers:

  •  Making placards and banners for marches and events
  • Being a steward at a march for UGFC
  • Coming up with a communications strategy for an event
  • Develop and delivering workshops
  • Being a researcher for educational and campaigning projects
  • Passing on relevant news stories to the communications team
  • Meeting partner organisations and developing relationships.

As such, there are not many fixed positions on this committee but volunteers will be expected to contribute to the following positions on the committee on a rotating basis.

Chairperson (rotating job)

This volunteer will be responsible for scheduling meetings and preparing and posting agenda’s with enough time for sub-committee members to feedback prior to meeting. They should make sure discussions are kept on topic and if necessary moderate discussions and encourage everyone to take part. Meetings shouldn’t exceed 90 minutes (we are a football club after all...).

Secretary (rotating job)

This volunteer will take minutes at meetings and upload in a clear format with highlighted action points.

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