One Week of Crowdfunding to go - let's hit our target!

We've made it to £2850 on our crowdfunder today which is a massive achievement, we're so pleased with all the support and we're well over halfway to the pretty high target we set.

However, we're hoping that between all those who follow us online, we could keep pushing this for another week and achieve something truly incredible...

Why 5K?

Each UGFC team game costs roughly £50 for the cost of the pitch, and £20 towards the referees fee - if all our teams are playing each week, you can see how these fees rack up quickly. League fees for the year come in at over £100 per team with the women's team being a scorching £325! Finally, insurance for all teams costs in the region of £300.

Putting volunteers through first aid courses to deal with increased demand is £160 per head. For the entire year this add up to just below £4250. We are asking for £750 more to accommodate for the cost of training gear for the coming year.

Can you help?

If everyone who follows us donated £1, we'd be well over our target. If you convinced your pals, workmates, Sunday league teammates, family, drinking buddies, to throw in £1 or so as well, we'd have achieved something amazing. 

Please, please donate what you can and share this link round as widely as possible.