United GoFundMe Appeal Goes Live!

Our target is £5000 for this crowdfunding campaign and to run for 30 Days. This money will exclusively go to funding the cost of making football financially inclusive and making that sustainable for the future.

This will include money towards:

-Football matches that the 4 United Glasgow FC teams participate in (which includes pitch fees, referee fees and any cost of transport for long away trips).

-League registration fees and insurance policies.

-First aid courses and first aid equipment for volunteers and coaches. 

-Training equipment (boots, base layers, etc)

Up until now these fees have been subsidised by the club, by contributions from members of the teams that are able to pay and, many times, by the coaches themselves.  As our teams have grown this has quickly become unsustainable, which is why by supporting us with this crowd funding campaign you will help the club move to making football as financially inclusive and accessible as possible. 

Whether you can give a little or a lot, we appreciate your support!