No Points in Sunny Clydebank...

United Glasgow 0-8 Drumbank Thistle

The search continues! 

Fez stretching those long legs...

Fez stretching those long legs...

For the second time in a month, UGFC Men's Development Team made the trek out to Clydebank High School to play Drumbank Thistle in the GCCL and for the second time returned bruised, battered and with no points!

The teams preparations were dealt a blow with Amir not showing up to the game and Andrew pulling up in the warm up, leaving a tired Alan to begrudgingly slot in at centre half alongside captain Sandeep, whose beard grows with each passing game...

The team started fairly brightly despite playing into the bright Clydebank sunshine in the first half and Hawraz being blatantly tripped seconds into the game earning the Drumbank number 7 a talking to from the referee. Good organisation (and the occasional last minute interception by Alan and Sandeep) was undone by a fantastic goal from said number 7, curling into the top corner from the edge of the box.

A lack of discipline, individual errors and outright (bizarre) bad luck contributed to the next few goals as United went in 6-0 down at the break and without a goalkeeper as Steph's knee flared up and he had to be substituted. Despite a few chances, particularly Hawraz hitting the bar from a free kick, and innumerable offsides given against Rabbi and Filimon, the loudest shout of the first half came when Kieran made a dart into the Drumbank box. Squeezing between two players, he was clearly tripped. Like the previous week, contact could be heard from the halfway line and, eventually, the Drumbank players admitted it was a foul but this was waved away as diving by the referee! Oh well! Scoring from a penalty is cheating anyway...

Alrasheed on the move!

Alrasheed on the move!

Of course, in the second half, Drumbank scored from a penalty (no doubts as Mubarak clattered the Drumbank player a full 20 seconds after coming on!) as well as a fantastic lob over an onrushing Paul Georgie who had came on in goals at half time.

United fashioned a few chances in the second half with Ali dragging shots wide twice and Jordan missing the target but without Anwar the giant, seemed destined not to score against Drumbank this time!

The Dev team turn their focus to avenging the Sunday team's defeat to AC Kelvingrove next week and to ensuring that Sandeep gets to enjoy a shave one of these days!

United: Steph, Omar, Alan, Sandeep, Moustafa, Abdullah, Kieran, Hawraz, Fez, Filimon, Rabbi

Subs: Mubarak, Paul, Jordan, Alrasheed, Ali

POTM: Hawraz