Meet United's New Women's Team Coaches!

  1. What made you want to get involved with UGFC?

BOBBY- I’ve been involved with the club for two years already, playing for one of the men’s teams. I coached a high school girls’ team in the past and was interested in the challenge of an older group with varying abilities. The players are a great bunch too, so I was happy to agree when asked to help out coaching the women’s group.


GEORGE - Football has always been a passion of mine and, despite the negative headlines often associated with the professional game, I am a firm believer in the idea that football can be a fantastic force for good in the world. This is an idea that UGFC embodies completely.

No matter what language you speak, culture you come from or religion you belong to, everyone knows how to kick a ball and there is always some common topic for conversation - even if there is no common language. So many focus on differences between people and what separates us, United Glasgow focuses on what is the same and what can bring us together - there is something really wonderful about that idea.

2.How has been pre-season training been so far?

GEORGE - These are my first steps into the world of coaching. I only have experience of pre-seasons as a player to compare it to, so there has certainly been less running - for me anyway!

Overall things have been really positive. Bobby has coached in the past so he has been a massive help and has kept me right with ideas for drills and how to get our messages across to the players.

BOBBY - Very encouraging. We had a tough season last season and heads dropped a wee bit towards the end of it. It’s great to see so much energy and enthusiasm back within the group during the close-season, and the quality we’re seeing is a marked difference from the end of last year.

GEORGE - Fitness levels within the squad are increasing every week, and our tactics and skill levels are improving as we go too. It's going to be a tough season but the hard work we put in now will give us the best foundation to build on when the competitive action starts.

3. What are you most looking forward to as the new season approaches?


BOBBY - I am excited to see the renewed enthusiasm that we saw last season combined with the improved fitness and gameplay levels within the squad. We’ve got some new players in the group too who I think will definitely add to it.

GEORGE -   Easy - our first win! I can't wait to put all the hard work everyone has put into training into practise on the pitch.

BOBBY - Agreed. There has been some excellent football played in training so I’m looking forward to seeing that same football in a competitive game.

GEORGE -We’ve already got some pre-season friendlies in the pipeline. The first game as a coach will be interesting - I'm nervous already!

4.What coaches inspire you in the professional game?

BOBBY - It’s difficult to compare professional coaches when, due to the unequal financial means available to them, good buying can be mistaken for good coaching. But it’s impossible not to appreciate what has been achieved by Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City and the humble, modest way he’s gone about it.

GEORGE - I work full time for Partick Thistle so spend a lot of time with Alan Archibald and Scott Paterson. Their attention to detail and professionalism is fantastic so I hope to bring some of that attitude to United as I think it's really important to maintain high standards in everything we do.

Going a bit more exotic, I think Guardiola’s style based around pressing, high tempo and passing football was revolutionary. His style of football, and general demeanour and attitude, certainly inspire me.

5.What are your aims/objectives for the team in the new season?

BOBBY - To score lots more goals! And start winning games! 

George - The target is obviously always to win as many games as possible. Other than that I think getting every player playing to the absolute best of their ability is important. If every player gives their all on a Sunday then, no matter what the result, everyone can walk away from the match feeling extremely proud.

We've already seen a great deal of progression in all of the players and there's nothing more rewarding than seeing players improve week in week out. At the moment everything is positive and moving in the right direction - as long as we can keep that going through the season I am certain that the results will come.

As well as an 11-a-side team. United Glasgow also operates drop-in sessions for new players, those who have not played in a long time, or those that just like to kick a ball about!