Busy Weekend Nears for UGFC Men's Teams

All three United Glasgow Football Club men's teams are back in black this weekend (the women's team have a Sunday off as Kilmarnock Reserves resigned from the league, presumably scared of our team...) as the quest for an elusive United Glasgow FC victory continues!

Our Men's Saturday team take on Third Lanark at Toryglen in a cup competition on Saturday 12th March at 2pm. Hold on, Third Lanark, in a cup competition? It's like Groundhog Day. Hold on, Third Lanark, in a cup competition? It's like Groundhog Day.

Of course, the only thing anyone remembers about the last game was China's wonder-strike, certainly not who won. This time, UGFC will be endeavouring to make sure that this game is remembered for the score as much as the ridiculous goal China scores (we all know it'll happen again!).

After stopping a run of defeats, our Men's Sunday team travels to Greenfield Football Centre at the ungodly hour of 10am to take on high-flying Odd Woodland in an attempt to keep the revival going. Previous defeats won't stop the Sunday team having hunger for this game, especially given that it's being played at breakfast time... The game is being recorded by some student filmmakers so you can guarantee there will be some goals, moments of hilarity or a calamitous mistake... fingers crossed it's by Woodland!

Finally, another GCCL high-flyer Harmony Row visits our Development team at "Fortress Springburn Park". With an everchanging team, and an evergrowing beard on Sandeep, the development team are desperate to record a few more goals - if not points - before the league splits next week. Interestingly, a United Glasgow vs UG Development derby might loom as the last match of the season in that case...! 

Get yourself along to watch United Glasgow FC play, you are guaranteed goals and laughs! Come on, we don't bite!

United We Stand!