Ah, winning....nothing compares to you!

United 2-1 Southside United


After a long winter, and recent glimpses of what looked like spring, finally the sun shone bright for United Men's Sunday Team. A well deserved victory against Southside United saw United pick up their first win since the opening game of the season. But of course it just wouldn’t be in the spirit of things if United weren’t going to have to sail some stormy water on the way.

Dominik's great pass set up United's first goal

Dominik's great pass set up United's first goal

A dominating opening twenty saw one way traffic and a Southside defence working hard to try and contain the pace of Adam and Kosar but alas the final ball eluded them. Not by far, to be fair, but Rex’s growing frustration was rather understandable. A dogged approach to every midfield tackle saw United continue to press and they got their rewards when up stepped the Captain when you want him most. Dominik's pass was defence-splitting and inch-perfect. Kosar’s run was of equal quality and a tidy finish saw United take the lead.

But the Gods of football don’t like the Sunday side being in the lead and this was to be no exception as Southside got their equaliser early in the second half. A corner floated to the back post wasn't dealt with and after somewhat of a stromash the ball was planted in the back of United’s goal.

But, never accepting defeat, and having to make a number of substitutions due to injuries and niggles, United battled on and they got their rewards with 15mins to go. A powerful run from Rex saw a despairing Southside defender giving away a foul after a desperate tackle. Cometh the hour, cometh the Kosar, firing home a delightful second for himself and his team, out of the keepers reach and nestling perfectly in the corner of the Southside net. In doing so cementing his place as cream of the crop after a fine afternoons’ display.

United were resolute to the last and refused to rest on a slim margin. One point at this stage of the season does little. Every player in black gave their all, not one inch was given and they continued to create more chances of their own. Most notably were two self made chances from Hama, who will feel unlucky not to have scored one but had the opposition reeling and the pressure kept off his own defence.

United: John, Samil, Barry, Stephen, Laurie, Seve, Abdul, Dominik, Kosar, Adam, Rex

Subs: Hama, Ali, Sabeel, Calum, Albin

Goals: Kosar (x2)

Yellow Card: Seve, Calum

PoTM: Kosar