FARE Network support UGFC Education Days!

Inspired by an international movement of more than 100,000 people, United Glasgow Football Club will be joining the Fare Network Football People action weeks on 7th October 2017 when it holds the first of their 2017 Education Days. The Education Days allow players, coaches and volunteers at United Glasgow FC and beyond to learn about the issues that are at the centre of the club’s core values: immigration, asylum and racism, sexism and women’s rights and LGBT+ rights.        

Workshop on LGBT+ inclusion at 2016 UGFC Education Day

Workshop on LGBT+ inclusion at 2016 UGFC Education Day

The Football People action weeks are a football - focused social campaign organised by the Fare network in October aimed at tackling all barriers that exclude people and communities. Between 5 and 19 October,  professional clubs and players,  the grassroots and amateur side of the game and thousands of others on social media will celebrate the power of football to unite people and celebrate the difference.

Fare network Executive Director Piara Powar said:

“The Football People weeks is an important period for European football as itbringstogetherallofthosewhowatch,  playorrunthesportandsupports inclusionanddiversityacrossitsstructureswhilechallengingintoleranceand discrimination.

“This is a big and growing movement, our target is to reach 100,000 people directly taking in activities. We encourage grassroots organisations to join the campaign and get involved with their own activities.

“United Glasgow Football Club is part of this movement and we are happy to rely on them to celebrate it with us.”

In 2016, more than 2,000 activities were organised in Europe. Over 100,000 people directly involved.


Alan White of United Glasgow Football Club said:

“Our Education Days are becoming a core part of who we are as a club. Sharing our values with players and other football supporters is a huge benefit to promoting positive values of inclusion, equality and diversity, in football and in wider society.”

“FARE’s financial support will allow these Education Days to be bigger and better resourced that previously, allowing us to promote the positive message of tackling discrimination in football and using football to tackle discrimination.”