Xmas Fundraising Drive

United Glasgow Football Club is launching an Xmas Fundraising Drive to raise some much needed funds to top up our petty cash system for subsidising matches, contributing towards our monthly training costs and buying equipment for training.

Why does football need to be subsidised?

We love football and so do millions of people around the world, it's a great thing to be part of and we feel that it's a tragedy if people can't access football because they don't feel welcome or can't afford it. We can tackle discrimination and promote our values to create a welcoming space but if people cannot afford to attend training, have no football boots or kits or our teams can't pay their league fees then we're not providing the access that we want to. That's why we help to subsidise football for those who need it. Football should be for everyone regardless of sexuality, gender, race and, importantly, of financial position.

What would you do if you received more than your target?

If we were lucky enough to exceed our target we would continue to use the money into next season for the same reasons and/or provide additional football equipment for players, where needed.

Anything that you can contribute, little or large, will be much appreciated!