Just In Case - 11 New Sports First Aiders for UGFC


11 UGFC players, coaches and volunteers spent their weekend in a business park in Hamilton doing a two day Sports First Aid Course provided by Green Cross Training and Matt Bull.

Knowing what to do in a crisis situation is hugely important in a sporting setting and having so many qualified Sports First Aiders is something that UGFC has been keen on for some time.


The money for these courses, which were charged at a discounted rate by Green Cross thanks to Paul McGarry, was raised as part of our successful crowdfunding campaign last year.

Over the course of the weekend, the UGFC group learned about emergency care, different types of injuries and what to do for an injured player, teammate or opponent.

One thing that became clear was the importance of defibrillators and this is something that UGFC will be giving serious consideration to fundraising for in the near future.


We hope that many of the skills that were learned will not need to be used but it's great to know so many within the club now have them, just in case!