Sponsorship Lottery

United Glasgow Football Club is looking for new sponsors to help pay for training kits for each of their teams, as well as our drop-in sessions. We want to be able to kit out our teams in United Glasgow training kits so that everyone who trains together, trains United.

This is going to cost us around £500 for each team, and more if we are to get training kits to use at our drop-in sessions. Our kits are produced by our friends at Rage Sport in Italy, we can guarantee the kits are produced in a factory where the staff are paid a fair wage and the money that we pay is not going towards a multinational sports corporation with questionable ethics.


As such, we are opening a sponsorship lottery where we’re offering 30 individuals, groups and companies the chance to enter into a sponsorship lottery with United Glasgow FC for a donation of £50. (As a charity, donations to United Glasgow Football Club by businesses can be claimed back against corporation tax https://www.gov.uk/tax-limited-company-gives-to-charity/donating-money)


Once we have 30 names and confirmed donations, we’ll conduct a draw where we’ll pick three winners who’ll adorn the United Glasgow FC training kits for the next year. These sponsors will also be gifted a United Glasgow FC training kit for their own promotional purposes.

Everyone else who donates will be listed as a sponsor on United Glasgow FC’s website.

If you are interested in taking part in our sponsorship lottery, please email sponsorship@unitedglasgowfc.org.uk before August 31st 2017.

If there are any businesses who are interested in guaranteeing their place on a United Glasgow FC team’s training kit for £500, you can contact us directly. This can be put down as a pre-tax business expense (https://www.gov.uk/tax-limited-company-gives-to-charity/sponsoring-a-charity)