Support United Glasgow

United Glasgow Football Club is run thanks to a fantastic team of volunteers, who donate both their time and own resources to help keep our club's endeavours alive and kicking. We founded this club to provide access to regular football to those who found themselves unable to participate.  At the heart of our club is our commitment to bringing people together through football and tackling all forms of discrimination to create a welcoming environment.  Originally, we just worked with refugees and asylum seekers (as you might guess from our badge!) but soon welcomed all people who call Glasgow their home.

Our players, coaches and volunteers help maintain a welcoming environment, one free of discrimination or offensive language to sex, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation disability.  In short, providing such an environment costs money, namely through the hiring of football venues and the occasional need for additional equipment.  

With an increasing popularity, comes the need to create an increasingly more stable income base.  So rather than ask our players, coaches and volunteers to go into their pockets every week, we've set up this donations page to help our members and supporters contribute to our financial needs digitally.

We want to be a positive force for change within Glasgow football and beyond...and we want you to help us to do that.