Glasgow Community Football Sessions

At United Glasgow Football Club, we believe in working together. Whether that be on the pitch, in our communities or working with other groups, we think that we're stronger together.

There are plenty of groups out there who provide football sessions that are, to a greater or lesser extent, open to all and we're happy to promote these. We want more people playing football and we're happy to signpost people to other groups where that's most appropriate (for example, those who are too young for us or want a different type of session!). All of these sessions are open to simply turn up to, some charge and some don't.

On the map below, you'll find different coloured icons for different types of sessions (blue for mixed sessions, red for men's sessions, orange for women's sessions and purple for kids sessions). If you need any information on these sessions, United Glasgow FC or not, then get in touch with us through this site.

United We Stand!