The United Award

At United Glasgow Football Club, footballing ability is not the be all and end all. We know that there are more important things than your ability with a ball at your feet and we believe in recognising those who contribute to the club on and off the park, people whose contributions go above and beyond and who really encapsulate what the club is all about. In 2016, we created the United Award which takes pride of place at our end of season awards nights and celebrates these incredible people.


November 2016 - Erin Hastings

As well as being one of the most reliable players in the women's team in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, Erin has contributed significantly off the park, turning up at every event that the club attends, throwing herself into education events and courses and acting as a friendly face for newcomers to the club. 


June 2017 - Boss Gacii and Samuel Gebretsadik

When not on the pitch, Boss and Samuel still find numerous ways to throw themselves into the club and were worthy recipients of the June 2017 United Award. Boss has attended almost every United Glasgow event since joining the club, whether that be showing up for the same Education Day twice in a month or dancing on a float at Pride - he's been everywhere and really shown the spirit of UGFC while doing so. Samuel has helped the club through translating messages and coaching instructions into Tigrinya without a moment's hesitation, turning up regularly to events and volunteering where he can, all while picking up the most Glaswegian accent at the club!


November 2017 - Robyn Gibbon

Robyn has been with UGFC since 2015 and has contributed in her time at the club it's been impossible not to recognise. She won the United Award in November 2017 but also the Volunteer of the Year award in 2015! Continuing to volunteer with the women's team despite fracturing her foot in 5 places at a training session early in her time at UGFC, she washed kits, gave lifts to players, came to events, supported the other teams in the club and got involved wherever she could until she made her triumphant return to playing in 2016!


June 2018 - Malcolm Manclark

Joining the club in the summer of 2016, Malcolm has overcome serious health setbacks to still be actively playing and involved in the club's weekly activities, more so than ever as he started to volunteer as a coach in the 2017-18 men's season, helping out on Mondays and Wednesdays. Whether it be at matches, getting involved at Education Day events, welcoming new players to training or getting involved in trips outside of Glasgow, Malcolm has become such an integral part of United Glasgow FC that everyone was delighted to see him pick up the June 2018 United Award.


November 2018 - Lindsay Hamilton

Lindsay was a worthy winner of this award in 2018 for her contributions to United Glasgow on and off the pitch over several seasons. Having been a regular donor to the club even before coming to any football sessions, Lindsay quickly became an integral part of what the club does. With Roisin McCormack she organised an incredible International Women’s Day exhibition and event at Hampden Park, represented the club in Hamburg during the launch of the fan.tastic females exhibition and contributed to various education and campaigning events. Now playing with BSC Glasgow and running the wonderful Glasgow Football Tours company, Lindsay will always be an important part of United Glasgow FC’s community.


June 2019 - Lawrence Olayinka

Joining the club at just 16 years old, Lawrence has thrown himself into the club both on and off the pitch. His attendance at campaigning and education events often put older teammates to shame but since becoming a UGFC Ambassador in 2018, Lawrence has really come into his own. Attending events at colleges and churches to promote the club’s sessions, speaking in Southampton on a panel on the “Transformative Power of Football” and being featured on BBC The Social, Lawrence has always been keen to share what the club has done for him and encourage others to take part.